Our Beginning

The foundation of ACTS Preschool philosophy and creation was inspired by the love for my children's. As a parent myself, I can truly empathize with the need to provide the very best education for your child in the early formative years of their life. I strive to provide the very best not only for my own child, but also for every single child that is enrolled at ACTS and who is a member of our school family. At ACTS Preschool, it is our objective to provide the highest quality care and education for your children in the safest, most secure environment available. In order to maintain this objective, we provide: trained and experience staff, loving attention and care, a well-rounded curriculum, specialized teaching methods, top-of-the-line educational toys and materials, constant communication and a special emphasis on safety and cleanliness. We also provide a cutting-edge location featuring a wide array of unique classrooms for every age group, progressive playgrounds with the highest safety standards.

At ACTS Preschool, we offer a higher form of education and childcare. We believe that all children are born with unique gifts. A child's intellectual development depends heavily upon how he or she is stimulated in the early years of life. In order to fully develop their talents and capabilities, it is best to provide stimulus to encourage their cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth. We offer the successful combination of a structured educational program and stimulating, nurturing environment to support and inspire the most important years of your child's development. The intellectual ability attained by your child during these crucial years will have a profound effect on the rest of your child's life.

Children who have the opportunity to start their education early in life have a much better chance of becoming successful. What a child can be and what his or her interests are and will be are determined in his or her early years before the age of 5. ACTS Preschool educational philosophy is to provide your child with the skills necessary to excel in school and life and to have a long-term successful, professional career. Our philosophy is based on traditional values and proven teaching methods that recognize the importance of each individual child's interests and unlimited talents.

Our goal is to build a partnership with our students' families, make learning fun for our students and ensure that we meet the unique needs of every child enrolled at our school. We believe that active parental participation is key to the educational success of your children and that a solid communication line between the students' families and our teachers is vital. For this reason, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you at any time to discuss your children's progress, growth and development.

It is important to us that parents or family members feel comfortable calling, e-mailing or visiting the centre at any time to share their suggestions to improve our center and our educational programs. We also invite parents and family members to discuss any issues or concerns with us in order to ensure that all needs of your child are met and your child receives the best education and experience possible. ACTS Preschool prides itself on the ability to keep a line of communication open between our staff, teachers and families at all time.

We thank you for your interest in and support of ACTS Preschool and we look forward to having the opportunity to be an important element in your child's education and development.

Our staff works to create a learning environment for the whole child, to inspire their mind, empower self worth and support their spirit. Through the ACTS Preschool experience each child proudly makes their unique contribution to the community which is their school and school becomes a purposeful and special place.

Warmest Regards,

Jagadish Reddy,