Our Teachers and Staff

The teachers of ACTS are a varied and dedicated group of caregivers ranging. They strive every day to learn something new not only about children, but also themselves. We acknowledge that the children of ACTS by pushing our buttons, asking tough questions and testing boundaries give us the daily opportunity to look inside and challenge ourselves, our beliefs and our histories. Our teachers attend in excess of 20 training hours per year studying child development, curriculum development, classroom management and more. Each Lead Teacher is responsible for creating monthly lesson plans based on themes which are repeated and reviewed throughout the month in language, art, science, math, motor development and music for optimum learning. These plans and a newsletter from your teacher are published and distributed each month so our parents may "follow along".

The administrative and management staff are dedicated to supporting the teachers of ACTS and our parents. They may be seen having a knee-high conversation with a child, sweeping the front porch or substituting in a classroom. Their training, dedication and flexibility compliment and support the environment already in place.